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 October 10, 2015

By  Benjamin Evans

Domain Millwork is a Miami SEO company with over 10 years experience in the development and marketing of online businesses. We understand the Miami market and how to capture geo-specific terms relate to all areas of Miami-Dade county, including Downtown, Brickell, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay and Kendall. To help specifically target Miami-based traffic and keyword search phrases, we build your website profile so that people and search engines understand that your business is specific to Miami.

Miami SEO and Social Marketing Seminars

Domain Millwork hosts Miami SEO and Social Marketing events to educate and train those interested in starting a new website, looking to improve an existing website or add to their skill set to become valuable at their company. The information discussed at the events are catered to marketing professionals that work in the top industries of Miami, included Real Estate, Hospitality, Medical, Fashion and Law. Each event focuses on a specific niche as indicated in the schedule for 2014 posted below.

After attending the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social marketing seminar, attendees will learn how to:

  1. Rank a website on Google for targeted keywords.
  2. Use social media to capture new customers and build loyalty.
  3. Use free online tools to monitor traffic and measure ROI.
  4. How to create and execute an online marketing plan to rank organically in search engines.
  5. Understand the website development process for SEO.

2014 Miami SEO, Search and Social Marketing Event Schedule

  • February 20, 2014 – SEO and Social Media Media overall education seminar. How to use Search and Social to get more traffic and gain customer loyalty.
  • March 12, 2014 – Real Estate SEO and Social Media
  • April 23, 2014 – SEO and Social Media for Hospitality Professionals (hotel, restaurant, spa)
  • June 12, 2014 – SEO and Social Media for Medical Practices
  • August 13, 2014 – SEO and Social Media for Law Firms
  • October 9, 2014 – SEO and Social Media for Fashion and Retail Stores

About Miami Search Engine Rankings and Social Media Marketing

Located at the bottom of the Florida, Miami is rated as a top place to visit for many activities ranging from a day at the beach to a day at the plastic surgeon. With warm temperatures, palm trees and beautiful water all year around, Miami has become a premier destination for travelers. This has produced a very competitive online marketing area in which your business must stand out in order to succeed.

Success of and SEO campaign is defined by a few factors:

  • Was there an increase in traffic to your website or store?
  • Did the traffic buy something or convert into a lead?
  • How much money did you spend to get the traffic?
  • How much money did you make from the traffic?

While some people may have the time to figure out how to properly rank a website, most business owners need help getting it a website tuned up for SEO and going in the right direction. At Domain Millwork we take pride in using our experience to help clients get set up, rank and become educated on how to market their business online. The road to sustainable organic search rankings is filled with dangerous potholes that make an innocent mistake end up with a website penalized and out of the search index. Learn from our mistakes, not yours.

With each client we focus on the 3 core divisions of online search: Organic, Paid and Social. The reason why we bundle these three together is for a few different reasons, but really it comes down to “signals”. In order to rank well, a website needs to be trusted by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Just because you build a website does not mean that it is going to be trusted. Organic signals, Paid search advertising and Social media signals create a website profile that indicates to search engines that the website is a real business. Other factors include social sharing, bookmarking, commenting and referral links.

Domain Millwork provides clients with a competitive advantage in search, paid and social marketing over other local businesses in Miami. There are many other industries and professions in Miami that may benefit from Search Engine Optimization services, which include: Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate, Home Services and more. Read more about our Miami Search Engine Optimization services.

Miami Tourism and Hospitality SEO

In Miami, the tourism and hospitality industry is very busy and very competitive. As a holiday and vacation destination, the hospitality and tourism industries such as hotels, restaurants, spas and travel services must work smart in order to capture visitors searching on the Internet. The high value business leads for the hospitality, travel and tourism industries in Miami are generated through online search.

Miami Legal SEO

Miami is a competitive legal market where attorneys must remain competitive in the online marketing area in order to generate qualified business leads. Domain Millwork understands how to creaet a valuable online legal resource for site visitors that converts traffic and ranks well for organic keyword search terms. With the many different types of law practices in Miami that include criminal, family, immigration, employment, real estate and more, having a experienced Search Engine Optimization consultant in your corner is a wise investment. The types of targted leads Domain Millwork may produce for your business will pay for themselves many times over, while continuing to build.

Miami Medical SEO

The medical industry is very busy in South Florida and particularly in Miami. There are many great opportunities for good doctors to enjoy success in the Miami area through many types of medial services. Being such a popular industry, there is a great deal of companies competing for the same business. Hiring an SEO consultant to research, plan, build, manage and analyze an online marketing campaign for your business will drive highly qualified medical leads to your business, converting into profitable revenue. Our strategic approach to online SEO makes sure that the keyword phrases you are ranking for actually matter. Other companies may boast “page 1 Google” or other catchy sales phrases, but to be honest, anyone can get on the first page of Google. The true value is in the type of traffic your page one Google ranking generates. Is it a qualified visitor that is actually interested in buying your services. At Domain Millwork, these are the questions we ask and answer prior to development. Once we understand where the traffic is and the type of traffic that is right for your business, we implement an SEO campaign that focuses on making your site a valuable tool. Having a valuable site for visitors generates repeat traffic, referral traffic and overall well ranked results in organic search results.

Miami Real Estate SEO

As we all know the real estate industry is going through some issues, and in many places this has slowed down the market. Well guess what….not in Miami! As reported in the Miami Herald, the real estate market is on the rise for both Commercial and Residential. There are qualified customers out there in the Real Estate industry and they are searching on the Internet to find what you have. In order to be competitive, real estate brokers must engage in an active SEO campaign to make sure their properties are appearing to customers online. Domain Millwork is familiar with the Miami Real Estate market and we would enjoy discussing how to postion your business to gain a competitive online marketing advantage.

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