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Since 2006.

Domain Millwork is a domain name & SAAS product development company founded in 2006. With strong roots in web development, search engine optimization & paid search traffic, Domain Millwork offers a boutique agency experience with proven results in the most technical, competitive & complex SEO situations. In addition, we concept, plan, build, launch & market SAAS web application products.

Our Software as a Subscription SAAS Companies

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Before & After Plastic Surgery Photo & Video Aggregation Software

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Private Labeled Software for Coaches for Video & Online Coaching

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Staffing Agency Software for Small & Medium Temp Staffing

Domain Name Discovery & Development

A domain name is your address and brand on the internet. If there was one contact point you want your customer to remember, what would that be? Address, phone number, email address or domain name? A website built on a domain name is the most important online marketing tool for a business. Domain Millwork guides clients through the domain name discovery & acquisition process.

Learn more about domain name selection

We help our clients understand the competitive advantages of each candidate domain name in relation to how it would rank organically and hold as a stand-alone brand. Don’t choose a domain name just because it was the only one available. There are many premium domain names available at a good value price. Domain Millwork helps new and existing companies research, select, acquire and develop the perfect domain name for their business.

  • Domain name search
  • Domain name selection
  • Domain name broker services (buy or sell)
  • Domain name development – turnkey
  • Website Development

    “What do you want a visitor to do on the website?”. Websites must perform efficiently and be easy for the user, while converting visitors into customers.

    All Domain Millwork websites are developed with responsive frameworks. The responsive layout creates an app-like experience on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

    More about website development

    If you have an old website that needs to be updated, give it a CSS Facelift with minimal programming and get the responsive framework you need to rank and convert.

    • Corporate brochure websites
    • E-commerce websites
    • Directory portals
    • Lead generation engines

    Search Engine Optimization – SEO

    Search engines use authority, trust, website structure, content and social signals in ranking a website for organic keyword search. The key to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to have a clean structure for search engine spiders to crawl and identify what your website is about. There are no shortcuts to SEO.

    Read the 6 key points to SEO
  • Keyword search volume research
  • Competition difficulty ranking
  • Organic rank probability forecast
  • Website SEO structure planning and development
  • Content development (text, image & video)
  • On-site and On-page optimization
  • SEO Training

    If you build it, will they come? A website must demonstrate trust and authority before it is ranked by Google, Yahoo & Bing and receives organic traffic. Before starting an SEO campaign, you should be able to answer these 5 things:

    Read the 5 key points to do before starting an SEO campaign
  • What keywords are customers using when searching online?
  • Where does your website rank for those target keywords?
  • How much traffic can you get if ranking improves?
  • Who is my competition and how can I do it better?
  • What is the lowest hanging fruit?
  • seo-definition

    Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

    Buy targeted traffic from search engines using Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impressions (CPM). We are a certified Google Adwords Partner.

    • Pay Per Click advertising
    • Bidding system to rank on Sponsored Ads
    • Text ads
    • Image ads
    • Product ads
    • Map ads
    • YouTube ads
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